Honoring the past. Changing the future.


FITS® has been crafting premium merino socks since 2010. But our story, really began decades ago.

Our Founder Bob Yoe spent most of his career running factories manufacturing one million pairs of socks per day for wholesale giants. But over the course of 25 years the industry changed.

Domestic textile manufacturing decreased steadily as production moved offshore and disposable fashion trended more each year. Unsatisfied with the new norms, Bob wanted to do something different, something better.

With the expertise of 3rd and 4th generation textile knowledge, Bob and his collogue set out to make the best-fitting, most comfortable socks ever. And from day one, FITS® has been committed to Bob’s vision.

Every pair of FITS® is held to the highest of standards, utilizing the best materials available and innovative technology to deliver a sock like no other. Investing in the American worker is something we’ve been passionate about throughout our entire process, which is why all our socks made right here in the USA.

For us, it’s simple: We believe socks are a critical piece of gear and you should be comfortable while you’re enjoying the outdoors. So whether it’s a short run or an epic long distance hike, with FITS®, you can trust that comfort, fit and performance are at the forefront of everything we do.

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