How and why we do what we do...

The cornerstones for us at Sky Ambitions are operational excellence and a commitment to strong partnerships; whether with a manufacturer, a dealer, or a product. We believe wholeheartedly in the brands that we represent, the business model that we work within, and the incredibly unique nature of the outdoor industry.

Why we do it
We all love the outdoor industry so much that we made it our profession. We want to share our passion for the outdoors with others and we do that by selling the highest quality products available. We love to share our knowledge, experience, and passion for the gear we sell and the places we go.

Where we came from
Sky Ambitions started with a spirited climbing guide and paragliding instructor who connected with pioneering brands in the outdoor industry. The beginnings were unassuming, fun, and adventurous; and none of this has changed.

Where we are now
Sky Ambitions started out servicing a small handful of dealers and we now service hundreds. Our agency has grown, yet we’ve retained an intimate feel and the same excellent level of service. The growth and expansion of Sky Ambitions continues to evolve via the team that now comprises our agency.

What we can do for you
We believe that doing business with Sky Ambitions should be easy-going, profitable, efficient, and fulfilling. We are committed to the absolute highest level of service to the owners, buyers, staff, and consumer. Conducting technical trainings and imparting product knowledge is a passion that we all share. We feel that the individuals in the outdoor industry are the absolute best people in the world to work with; we love taking care of our customers!